Equipped with a great past and marked by celebrations and traditions, Sappada also boasts a number of facilities and points of interest such as museums and galleries including an ethnographic museum, a House-Museum devoted to rural culture and a small museum dedicated the Great War and its protagonists.

Art and culture set within a beautiful location, rich in history and in which the events of the past are combined with the present village of Sappada.

Mementoes, antiques and artistic heritage carefully displayed in settings lating back to the early 1800s and the settlement of the ancient culture of Plodn (Sappada in the local German dialect).

Ethnographic Museum Giuseppe Fontana

In the 1960s and ‘70s the concern of the teacher Giuseppe Fontana was to somehow stem the dispersion of Sappada’s cultural heritage taking place

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Museum of agricultural life and culture

The house, inhabited without substantial alterations in its structure until the 1980s, was bought by the Muicipality of Sappada in 1995 and restored in full respect of the principles of conservative and philological restoration and is used as a Rural Life House-Museum.

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The Little Museum of the First World War

The Little Museum of the First World War, in a space granted by the town at the Mühlbach waterfalls was created in 2002 on the initiative of private collectors Emanuele Pachner and Francesco Pomarè.

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