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Sappada, an enchanting place at 1,250 metres above sea level, far from the chaos, where you will be fascinated by paradise-like landscapes and unspoilt nature, allowing you to hear the silence of the mountains, to breathe clean air and to admire the beauty of an authentic nature that surrounds it. A fabulous little pearl in the panorama of the Dolomites, with a tourism that has its roots in the end of the nineteenth century, a thousand activities, still enjoying the taste of tradition while living a magical and unforgettable holiday.


Everywhere you go in the Dolomites, there is always something to marvel at, whether it’s a mountain, a lake, a valley, because everything here revolves around beauty.

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Val Sesis

Val Sesis is the valley that, starting from Cima Sappada, leads to springs of the River Piave. The eight kilometres of paved road are passable by car during the summer months.

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Forni Avoltri

Forni Avoltri, the northernmost town in the region of Friuli – Venezia Giulia, is composed of two villages: Forni, a handful of houses spread over a green ridge and Avoltri, almost a sort of outbuilding that sits right on the river Degano.

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