Tourist guide of Sappada

A holiday in Sappada gives you the chance to visit the Dolomites for tourism or sport, taking advantage of great value opportunities that will satisfy your desire for fun and relaxation to the full, without forgetting arts and culture.
Sappada is definitely one of the best locations in the Dolomites for tourism. Every year this characteristic and atmospheric town in the province of Udine offers a warm welcome to thousands of visitors of all ages and backgrounds, with its enchanting landscape, comfortable accommodation and high quality services, famous restaurants, fascinating towns for shopping and well-equipped sport centres where you can practice Winter sports in complete safety and where fun is guaranteed.

Discover the wide range of attractions and activities that the Dolomites reserve for both winter and summer tourism! From excursions and horseback riding in summer to ski mountaineering and ice climbing in winter, there is no place for boredom in Sappada!

Traditions of Sappada

Sappada, a German-speaking ‘island’ within Italy, is not only a mountain village full of charm and beautiful landscapes, but also a place of great history and cultural memories.

The history of Sappada, its legends and its ancient past are something magical and all to discover if you’re looking for a fun and sporty holiday but one featuring some cultural enrichment.

Come and find out what Sappada has to offer to you and your family and be captivated by the stories from the past such as those of the “Carnic Carrier” women from World War I and the partisans of World War II, or discover the old customs of the communities and one of the oldest pilgrimage destinations in the Dolomites, the Austrian village of Maria Luggau.

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The 15 villages that make up the town (“heivilan” in the Sappada dialect) are a short distance from one another, occupying the valley floor.

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Historical aspects

Sappada is a German-speaking “island”, built around a thousand years ago following settlement by groups coming from the Tyrol and Carinthia.

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The carnival

The Carnival of Sappada / Plodn is an intense moment of tradition, folklore, festival and entertainment.

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Maria Luggau

The Marian Shrine has been a pilgrimage destination for many centuries.

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Equipped with a great past and marked by celebrations and traditions, Sappada also boasts a number of facilities and points of interest such as museums and galleries.

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