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Book now your stay in Sappada! You can find accommodation in a comfortable residence to spend a relaxing vacation in the Dolomites. The perfect union between comfort and cosinessspacious apartments complete of all comforts to ensure you a relaxing vacation, where you will have to worry about nothing but what activity to choose for your entertainment. In fact, Sappada offers plenty of opportunities for having fun and relax: bike riding, horseback riding, excursions, Nordic walking, and much more. Find your favourite residence ! All structures provide you with light and airy apartments with well-furnished rooms, where you spend pleasant moments with your family and friends. You can even choose to relax on the terrace, sipping a glass of wine and enjoying the magnificent view of the Dolomites! Find now the best residence in Sappada for your holiday in the Dolomites!

Residence Borgo al Sole

Borgo Al Sole Resort, Borgata Lerpa, Sappada, UD, Italia

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