Alimentari Cardis


Borgata Bach, 58 - 33012, Sappada

The wide selection of cheeses and cold cuts, together with numerous gastronomic specialities prepared by our kitchen, will allow you to organise lunches and dinners, from starter to dessert.

Alimentari Cecconi


Borgata Bach, 176 - 33012, Sappada

Cured meats, cheeses, grappa and liqueurs, honey, jams, chocolates, infusions and herbal teas, mushrooms, fruit juices, Friulian wines, craft beers and local biscuits.

La Bottega di Sappada


Borgata Palù, 90 - 33012, Sappada

Typical local specialties, alpine cheeses and raw milk, fresh and aged cow and goat cheeses, special refinements, smoked salami from the Sappadina tradition, Speck, hams, salami and senkile.

Panificio Tach


Borgata Bach, 40 - 33012, Sappada

A veritable bread boutique, where love for craftsmanship and passion for good things come together and give life to exquisite loaves of bread and excellent products from the Sappada confectionery tradition.

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