The Little Museum of the First World War

The Little Museum of the First World War, in a space granted by the town at the Mühlbach waterfalls was created in 2002 on the initiative of private collectors Emanuele Pachner and Francesco Pomarè. Gathered there is a rich and meaningful collection of artifacts and memorabilia from the First World War, which took place in the mountains on the northern side of Sappada, on the border with Austria.

The progressive enrichment of the collection, due to the generosity of those among the local population who have offered objects and artifacts, has seen the assembly of a remarkable collection. Among the exhibits are uniforms and clothing, tools for day-to-day life in the trenches at high altitude, camp stoves belonging to the Italian and Austrian armies, documents and photographs of local interest.

Borgata Mühlbach – zona Cascatelle

The Little Museum of the First World War

Piccolo Museo della Grande Guerra, Borgata Mulbach, Sappada, UD, Italia

Today, Friday 02 June 2023

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