Summer in Sappada

Discover Sappada in summer, when nature manifests itself in all its wonder!

Pristine landscapes far from the traffic will let you listen to the silence that only the mountains can offer. Breathe clean air and you will appreciate the beauty of an authentic nature. Savour the true taste of tradition with all your senses …

During Summer , in Sappada you can practice a huge number of activities, suiteble for everyone.

You can enjoy a walk through the historic areas of Sappada, some of which, concentrated in the heart of the town, form one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Or you can choose a high-altitude excursion to discover the Olbe lakes or the sunrise at Monte Peralba; practice healthy Nordic Walking accompanied by our instructors to discover anchanting landscapes.

Sappada offers breath-taking scenaries that can also be reached by mountain-bike, and for less trained visitors, with e-bikes.

Fans of sport fishing will have at their disposal the “trout pond”, also equipped with barbecues to cook what has just been caught.

Children and young people have fun at the Adventure Park emulating Indiana jones, or approach climbing with the outdoor gym set up near playground.

Even golfers have the opportunity to “pull” or “shoot” on the 9-hole course from which you can enjoy an incomparable view. Our woods, in the months of August and September, are a coveted destination for mushrooms searchers!

But if you want to dive into the past instead, in just a few steps you can reach Cima Sappada, a jewel embellished with balconies full of flowers that look like the most beautiful paintings painted with the brightest colours.

And to enjoy the authentic hospitality of Sappada and immerse yourself in the life of today and of past times, the summer is full of events:

the Festive Lodges in June, the Festive Villages and the Hay Festival that take place in July, the Feast of Saint Oswald, the Folklore Festival and the Plodar Fest that take place in August, and then the Sappamukki, the feast of the cows returning from mountain pastures, all the festivals magically drag you into a festive and joyful atmosphere”!

Summer Activities

of Sappada

The history of Sappada, its legends
and its ancient past !

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