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Dear user, in this website we would like to let you “taste” our Sappada: a mountain village where the spirit of belonging to a living community is perhaps the most important features.



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Dolomites Italy

Sappada Land of Champions

Sappada is a small mountain village in the province of Udine (Friuli Venezia Giulia) in the middle of the Dolomites, the most peculiar mountains in Italy.

It is a popular tourist destination both in summer and in winter, ideal for families with children. The resort offers different ski areas and snow parks, like Nevelandia Park.

Around our mountains you can practice different winter sports such as Alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, Snowboarding, Ice-klimbing. During spring and summer you can take long walks and hikes along different paths which sorround our territory, falling in love with the lush green forests of the villa and taking some refreshment breaks in some mountain lodges or refuges.

The hospitality is typical of these mountain villages, a warm and friendly welcome awaits you in the Hotels, Apartments, Garni, Bed & Breakfast of Sappada in Italy: these structures are usually always in the immediate vicinity of the ski slopes.

The landscape is characterized by the typical mountain dwellings in dark wood and in summer they are decorated with colorful flowers, making the atmosphere in this country almost fairytale like, thanks to its beauty and character.

Check all winter and summer events taking place in this beautiful unspoilt resort in the mountains of Italy.

Consorzio Comelico Sappada Dolomiti offers you the opportunity to find the best structures and services which our village Sappada can offer.


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