Forni Avoltri

Forni Avoltri, the northernmost town in the region of Friuli – Venezia Giulia, is composed of two villages: Forni, a handful of houses spread over a green ridge and Avoltri, almost a sort of outbuilding that sits right on the river Degano.

Calm and sunny with fresh, healthy air in summer and white snow in winter, Forni Avoltri is an ideal holiday spot for those who love sport, nature, silence and the peace to be found in such places.

Today, Monday 20 May 2024

Hour Weather Temp.
00:00 Poco nuvoloso 7.4°
03:00 Sereno 6.3°
06:00 Sereno 10.9°
09:00 Sereno 15.4°
12:00 Sereno 16.3°
15:00 Pioggia e schiarite 15.3°
18:00 Nubi sparse 13.9°
21:00 Pioggia debole 11.3°
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