Winter Nordic Walking

Winter nordic walking is emotion in the great outdoors … it’s good for the heart and circulation, strengthens the arms and shoulders, improves back posture and tones the buttocks and abs. It uses about 90% of the muscles and increases calorie consumption by up to 45% compared to traditional walking and can be practiced by everyone without distinction of sex, age or physical condition.

It’s a “Sport for All” which offers fitness enthusiasts an easy, inexpensive and fun way to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle. It consists of a walk with specific sticks that are used in a functional fashion and not just as a simple support.

ASD Nordic Walking Comelico and Sappada

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Today, Wednesday 28 February 2024

Hour Weather Temp.
00:00 Pioggia 2.7°
03:00 Pioggia debole 2.8°
06:00 Pioggia 2.9°
09:00 Pioggia debole 4.8°
12:00 Pioggia debole 6.2°
15:00 Coperto 6.7°
18:00 Pioggia debole 6.1°
21:00 Pioggia debole 5.6°
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