Residence Borgo al Sole

Borgata Lerpa, 33 - 33012, Sappada

Residence Borgo al Sole

Borgata Lerpa, 33 - 33012, Sappada

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In Sappada, in the hamlet of Lerpa, on the threshold of the ancient town, set on a wide open and bright slope that enjoys an enviable exposure to the sun, stands the “Borgo al Sole” Residence, a complex of seven elegant buildings built in the typical mountain architectural style, integrated in perfect harmony with the surrounding landscape.
A village surrounded by a serene atmosphere where nature reigns, the sovereign protagonist of a varied and exciting scenario.
In Borgo al Sole, each apartment has its own personality, unique compared to the others for the particular position, the panorama and the finishes.
The different buildings have always been identified by the color of the balconies: there are the yellow house, the blue house, the green house, the red house, the orange house, the pink house and the blue house.
Each season gives the residence its own character: at any time of the year, in summer as in winter, the Borgo al Sole residence offers splendid glimpses of a mountain environment of yesteryear.


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