Places to visit

Visiting Sappada Vecchia
(with the chance to visit the Rural Life House Museum).

Characterized by ancient wooden houses built using the ancient “Blockbau” architectural technique, Sappada Vecchia ( = “Old Sappada”) is in the upper part of the town and includes the following Townships: Palù / Moos, Pill / Pihl, Mühlbach / Milpa, Cottern / Kòttern, Hoffe / Houve, Fontana / Prunn, Kratten / Krotn, Soravia / Begar, Ecche / Ekke, Puiche / Puicha, Cretta / Krètte and Cima Sappada / Zepodn. Bach and Granvilla are excluded, both destroyed by two fires, and the most recent addition, Lerpa. You can complete the route with a visit to the “Rural Life House Museum” in the Cretta district.

Scenic walk around Cima Sappada
(with a chance to visit the “Giuseppe Fontana” ethnographic museum).

From the square of Borgata Cima Sappada you can go to visit the “Giuseppe Fontana” ethnographic museum and then continue on walking amidst the old houses of the village, making the rounds of the houses and return to the main square or, by taking the “Val Sesis” road, walking in the direction of Piani di Plòtzn.

From Cima Sappada to the “Madonna del Monte Lussari” chapel in the locality called Plòtzn

From the district of Cima Sappada continue on the road leading to the Piave Springs (“Sorgenti del Piave”). At the first fork, take the road on the right which, winding through meadows and mountain huts on level ground, leads to a votive chapel. Beyond the chapel, the road becomes a narrow path that, now hidden by the foliage and branches of the dense woodland, once led to the Piani di Luzza.

The Mühlbach district waterfalls and visit to the Little Museum of the Great War

Near the wooden bridge, parallel to the main road, in the Mühlbach district, follow a convenient paved road along the Rio Mühlbach for about 200 m. To the right, on the steep slope, is the route of the Via Crucis (“Way of the Cross”) with 14 characteristic votive chapels and, up above, the crosses of Golgotha. Towards the waterfalls is the Little Museum of the Great War. Crossing some bridges the path leads to a powerful waterfall some 50 metres high.

Walking through Schbònt meadows and along the river Piave

After reaching the Blood Donors’ Chapel below the parish church, continue along the level unsurfaced road that cuts longitudinally across the grassy slope called Schbònt, where it meets a crucifix and a second chapel dedicated to Saint Lucia. Continuing in the same direction you reach the first intersection near the Baita degli Alpini and passing across the paved road and then alongside the river Piave, reaching the sports field.

The fishing lake in the village Zieglhitte

The Zieglhitte fishing lake be reached starting from the parking area for campers a few metres from the church of Santa Margherita, following the track that passes in front of a sawmill and crosses the bridge over the River Piave. At the first bridge over the Rio Storto continue on the road to the left and, in about ten minutes, you reach the pond out in the countryside.

Capanna Bellavista (Keivile) from Cima Sappada

Along the provincial road of the Val Sesis from Cima Sappada that leads to the Springs of the Piave, about 200 m from the village take the path uphill, which in half an hour leads to a panoramic terrace with a magnificent view over the valley of Sappada. On the Hill is a statue of Our Lady of Workers.

The Piani del Cristo from the old sawmill Cottrer - “Piave” Nature Trail to the Piave Springs

From the old Cottrer sawmill (visible from hairpin bend before the village of Cima Sappada) proceed to the sources of the river considered sacred to Italy, the Piave, taking the Nature trail that climbs, first the left, then to the right of the road. After about an hour we reach the Piani del Cristo Refuge. Along a small road on level ground on the left side of the Piave, in about ten minutes you reach firstly the Baita Rododendro and then the Sorgenti del Piave Refuge at the foot of Monte Peralba.

The Acquatona Ravine

A deep gorge formed at the confluence of the Piave with the Rio Acquatona where the river flows into a spectacular 50 metre waterfall visible from the bridge two kilometres from Sappada towards Comelico / Cadore.
WARNING: descent to the foot of the gorge is prohibited for safety reasons.




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