Restaurant Al Biathlon

Località Piani di Luzza, 1 - 33020, Forni Avoltri

Restaurant Al Biathlon

Località Piani di Luzza, 1 - 33020, Forni Avoltri

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+39 043372348

Fir, larch and beech trees are the backdrop of the bar restaurant that is located within the federal center Carnia Arena, important structure of cross-country skiing and Biathlon. Where, not infrequently, happens to attend the training of amateur athletes and national and international level.

The bar and restaurant is an indispensable base for athletes, a place of refreshment during countless sporting events and is a popular stop for customers who want to enjoy a cozy and quiet.

Our cuisine enhances the authentic flavors of the mountains with genuine and quality products. We offer typical dishes of Carnic cuisine such as cjarsons and frico with polenta.
You can enjoy game and wild boar, mushrooms and sauerkraut, ending with homemade desserts.

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